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Effective Pool Cleaning

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Here at Central Valley Pressure Washing in Fresno, we understand that your swimming pool is a big investment. It adds value to your home, providing you and your family with unlimited fun and relaxation. There is just something soothing about taking a dip in your pool or home spa and just letting the crystalline water flow around you. This is what drives us to do our best at what we do and help pool owners maintain the beauty of their property through effective pool tile cleaning.

Over time, calcium and hard water deposits can build up along your pool’s waterline. Untreated calcium build up can spread even under water creating pits and rough spots in your pool. This makes it look unattractive, pose a potential hazard and can damage your filtration equipment.

Central Valley Pressure

There are many ways perform pool tile cleaning effectively depending on the intensity of the problem.

1. Natural Home Remedies – There are several products found at home that are best used for light calcium deposits on tile surfaces. These natural products are safe to use around pets and children. Most can actually be found in your kitchen.

a. Vinegar – A natural acid, it is the universal home cleaner. Mix two parts vinegar with one part hot water. Using a spray bottle, apply it to the surface of the calcium deposit, letting it soak for about 20 minutes and then lightly scrubbing it with a rag.

b. Cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide – Start by putting on some protective gloves and working in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Mix together three parts cream of tartar to one part peroxide, it will look like a science experiment for a bit there but don’t be alarmed. Apply the paste directly to the calcium deposits, let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing it with warm water, slightly rubbing with a clean, wet rag.

c. Natural Abrasives – Home products like baking soda, steel wool, pumice stones, SOS pads or even salt can work to remove light and fairly recent calcium deposits. Use a bit of elbow grease and just rub these abrasives on the damp surface in a circular motion. Just remember, never use acids like vinegar with baking soda which is an alkaline. They are at the opposite ends of the pH scale and using them together will cancel out their efficacy.

2. Commercial Products – There are many pool tile cleaning products that can remove moderately tough calcium, lime and hard water deposits and stains. These chemical compounds work to loosen and dissolve away mineral stains. Most chemicals are made of acid compounds that should never be used on stone, terrazzo, natural marble, polished/anodized aluminum or colored grouting. Make sure you wear protective gloves and glasses, these chemicals are highly toxic and needs special handling. Moreover, when mixed with pool water, these chemicals can alter the pH balance of your pool.

3. Bead Blasting – The process starts with lowering the water level to reveal the calcium deposits, a specialized equipment is then used to blast tiny bead particles into the pool tile surface. There are many types of bead materials, glass is most commonly used for pool tile cleaning. During the blasting, the air pressure is relatively low, enough to remove the deposits and stains while being mild enough to keep even the softest tile undamaged. Bead blasting leaves a smooth, even finish while a water-vac is done to clean off all remaining beads, particles and debris that are left in the pool. The process uses non-toxic products and has no effect on plants, pets, or the PH of your pool water.

Pool bead blasting is the most effective method of pool tile cleaning and removing really tough, hardened mineral deposits from pools, spas, Jacuzzis and even fountains. However, this is not something you want to do by yourself. Bead blasting uses highly customized equipment and a stringent process bet left to professionals.

At Central Valley Pressure Washing, we have been serving commercial and residential clients all over Fresno. Our specialty lies in removing those irritating calcium deposits from your tile quickly, effectively, and safely. We can help you restore the beauty of you pool in just under 3 hours!