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What is Pressure Washing?

· Pressure Washing

Fresno typically has a warm, dry climate where dust and pollutants can easily adhere to surfaces like home exteriors. Pressure washing is one of the easiest ways of cleaning a home’s exterior. It is a process being utilized by many home owners in Fresno, to effectively clean home exteriors, windows, rain gutters, fences, patios, walkways and driveways.

Pressure washing, also known as water blasting and hydro cleaning, is a cost-effective and efficient way to clean various surfaces and home exteriors. Specialized equipment is used that propels water in high-velocity, creating a pressurized stream that can generate a force that cleans off dirt, debris, paint, driveway rubber, gum and other pollutants from home surfaces. Water blasting can be set to different pressures depending on the intensity needed to clean a surface.

The high pressured water effectively cleans textured surfaces often used in home exteriors, materials such as vinyl, stucco, brick, wood or even aluminum are easily penetrated and cleaned. Grime and substance sprays from windows such as concrete and paints are also easily lifted off as well. Rain gutters that usually take time to clean can also be done much faster with the help of a pressure washer. Cleaning multiple story homes can be done without the need for ladders or scaffolding, making cleaning jobs easier and safer.

Pressure washing is ideal for Fresno homes with stucco, brick and other textured exteriors, cleaning the surface thoroughly as the water can reach even the tiniest crevices. Brick surfaces will also benefit well from a pressure wash, easily getting rid of grime, moss and other debris that build up over time. However, cracks, chips, damaged bricks and mortar must be repaired, patched and dried at least a week before any pressure washing is done. This will prevent any water from seeping into the home’s interior.

The force from water blasting can be enough to peel paints. Those living in an older home who suspect there may be lead present in the paint, should hold off on pressure washing until lead testing and removal are performed. Typically, these are properties built prior to 1978.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

While you can choose to pressure wash by yourself, take into consideration the area and location that will be pressure washed. There are certain preparations needed in pressure washing that would be better left to a professional. Different materials need specific pressure patterns and strength that only an experienced pressure washing service can provide properly and efficiently. If done incorrectly, pressure washing can force water deep into the surface of the masonry, brick or wood and damage exteriors.

Central Valley Pressure Washing in Fresno, California specializes in all types of home exterior cleaning including pressure washing the following:

  • Rain Gutters
  • Home Exteriors
  • Windows/ Screens
  • Fences/ Patio decks
  • Patios, Walkways, Driveways

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