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Why Clean Your Windows?

· Window Cleaning

Well maintained windows add character to your property; they increase energy efficiency and add curb appeal. Unfortunately window cleaning is often overlooked, while many property owners pay attention to interior and garden maintenance, window cleaning is often neglected. In Fresno, where dust and pollutants easily settle on surfaces, many are surprised at how a simple, routine cleaning can lift and brighten a home’s façade.

Boost Curb Appeal

A routine window cleaning done once a month can immensely increase the appeal of your home or business. It makes your property look well cared for and properly maintained. Shadows from water deposits and smudges can make your place look old and uninviting. Sparkling clean windows let more sunshine in, casting a beautiful light while giving you a clear view of your gardens. Businesses benefit from clean windows by enticing people to look in and appreciate window displays and the shop interior. This encourages people to come in and have a look.

Increase Window Efficiency

Dirty windows lead to faster wear and tear. If not maintained properly, dirt can make its way to the sill of the windows causing leaks. Weathering and rusting of window frames also can cause air and water leaks that prevent your windows from retaining heat or cold air in the room. Leaks also pose a potential threat for water-damage and molds. Dust and grime that has caked over the glass can also lessen the sunlight that can warm your property, hiking up your heating costs.

Maintain Window Quality

Regular window cleaning ensures that the quality and integrity of your windows are secured. Whether you have regular glass windows or energy efficient ones, they are still a big investment, taking care of them ensures that they will last for a long time. Apart from dust and grime, there are many contaminants that can cause window damage and glass degradation, including hard water deposits, oxidation, sea spray, acid rain and other debris. Glass is a porous material, hard water and mineral deposits that are left to dry and adhere can permanently damage and corrode your glass windows. This makes routine window cleaning a cost efficient alternative to window repair and replacement.

Make window cleaning a regular part of your cleaning routine to maintain the quality of your windows. You can choose to do it yourself or choose to hire a trusted window cleaning professional. For homes or larger properties, a professional window cleaner saves you time and ensures that you get value for your money by keeping your windows sparkling clean.

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