• Pool Chlorine Washes

    Pool Tile Cleaning Fresno CA

    Pool Chlorine Washes

    We'll remove the dirty green build up.

    It is recommended that every 5 years, you should drain your pool water and properly clean your pebble-tec or pool plaster. At Central Valley Pressure Washing, our trained pros accompanied by the proper cleaning systems and techniques can whiten, brighten, and remove all stains from light to severe. We also remove any growth from your plaster and pebble-tec.


    How do we do it?

    1. We call in the Permit for you to Water Conservation.
    2. We use our 2” and 3” water trash pumps that allow us to pump your pool dry in just under 2 hrs.
    3. We Pressure wash all the walls of your pool as water is draining and remove all objects, trash, greenery, etc. from the area.
    4. Once the pool is 100% empty of all water and debris, we apply a chlorine wash that kills all algae and growth.
    5. We clean out your filter and wash the cartridges.
    6. This process gives you a fresh start on maintaining your PH and helping you enjoy a clear, clean pool.

    If you have a pool that has become a “pond”, we are the guys that love getting dirty. Don’t be alarmed, we can drain it, clean it, and get it back to its bright and clean almost new look again.


    DON’T HESITATE ANY LONGER!!! Call us anytime for you free estimate and let us help you enjoy your summer fun.