• Solar Panel Cleaning

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    Solar Panel Cleaning

    Reminder: Rain doesn’t thoroughly clean your panels.

    Central Valley Pressure Washing provides professional Solar Panel Cleaning for all residential and commercial locations. No job is too big or too small. We have different programs that keep your panels working efficiently throughout the year saving you money. Let our trained professionals help you maximize your solar power, often the amount of energy savings generated is worth more than cleaning service packages cost.


    Setting up a cleaning schedule does a few important things that benefits you as the consumer.

    We clean both flat and slanted panels including:

    • Single story Panels
    • 2nd story Panels
    • Flat Roof top Panels
    • Commercial Roof Top Panels
    • Parking Structure Panels
    • Covered Parking Panels

    Set up your cleaning program that maximizes your profit!

    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Semi-Annually
    Call us today at (559) 579-3806 and get a free quote on the most efficient cleaning schedule to suit your system.
  • Solar Panels FAQ's

    Does regular cleaning of solar system panels really save any money?

    -Yes, dirty panels can lose power loss up to 30% and that equals money lost. You cannot afford not to clean your panels.

    Do manufacturers warranties require regular cleaning?

    -Yes, manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance of our system in order to warranty.

    Will rain clean solar panels?

    No, rain will speed up the build up of dust, collecting more debris, and overall decrease the productivity of your panels.

    Do you want to maximize your solar panel efficiency?

    Get them cleaned regularly and properly. The hardness of the water in the valley is among the highest in the country. If not properly cleaned, water spots can cause permanent damage and power loss.